5 Top Tips to Consider When Buying Your Home

Many factors come into play when buying a house, and often we become overwhelmed by the amount of information and the decision-making process. If you are looking to move, invest or take the big step and buy your first home, the following 5 tips will help steer you in the right direction:

1. Know your affordability

Ensure your finances are pre-approved prior to making your offer. This preparation keeps you organised and positions you on the front-foot for when you take the next step. If you don’t have a bank or broker that you normally deal with, Cornerstone Conveyancing can put you in touch with several industry leaders who are able to assist.

2. Location Location Location

Look at the area you are considering buying into and conduct research. Does the area deliver on what you need? This may include roads, infrastructure, schools, parks and shopping centres. To get a feel for the area, we suggest walking around and chatting to the neighbours and pretend you already reside nearby. This will give a good indication of the local community and area.

3. Talk to your local real estate agent

Find out what’s happening in the market. Real estate agents may know of other properties available, and they can keep an eye out if they know what type you are after. Your agent can also help develop an action plan that meets your goals and needs. It is important to ensure you are clear about your needs and circumstances.

4. Get in early

Keep a step ahead and register for apps such as Domain and Real Estate.com. These apps allow you to refine the search options to suit your needs, and can provide direct updates so you have the latest property news.

5. Look between the lines and under that rug

So you think you have found your dream home… but have you considered the practicality and liveability? For example, is there adequate living space? A handy trick is to take notes at the open house inspection, which can then be raised with your pest and building inspector should you develop further interest in the property.